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Welcome to my website where you could find all about sensory processing disorder and the activities I used through the years to re-wire the brain and get the results I could only dream of.

My Journey began when I found out that something is not quite right with my boy’s development and since then it’s been a complex but rewarding process which I want to share with you.

Healthy food =healthy brain

At the age of 8 my son was diagnosed with epilepsy which I have decided not to medicate but monitor as my approach is to try and find alternative natural way to treat the problem. At the same time I have  started home educate him which helped as I could be there at...

What is Floortime Theraphy ?

Floor time therapy is the notion of following the child's lead and engaging with the child at his level. Therapists teach parents how to direct children into a meaningful and complex interaction which is called 'opening and closing circles of communication. This...

Resources for a Sensory Diet

In this post I've gathered different resources that I found helpful through the years, some can be made at home with a bit of effort and others can be purchased on a small budget. Resources for hand-eye coordination : Hitting a ball hanging from the ceiling ,bunting...

How to make a geo board in Three simple steps?

What is a Geo board? Geo board is a great way to teach children geometrical shapes and use them to create a picture or a story. The child will stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and shapes and make discoveries. This is beneficial to children on the...

How to build your own Astronaut board in 7 simple steps

An Astronaut board is a spinning board used as part of the 'Astronout theraphy' created by Sheila Frick, OTR/L, a trainer and workshop instructor with Vital Links, is widely known in the SPD community for co-developing Astronaut Training together with another...


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