Against The Odds

Dana Latter

Dana Latter

Dana Latter is an educator and a researcher of alternative ways to help children with sensory processing disorders.
Her incredible work was accredited by parents and professionals.
in the vision therapy field and alternative  forum groups.
Dana has dedicated her life to help both her sons to  overcome their sensory issues.         She left no stone unturned in her extensive research.
Her determination, perseverance, hard work and her        belief that more can be done at every milestone helped      transform her son’s lives.
Dr Leonard Press

Dr Leonard Press

Dr. Leonard J. Press is Optometric Director of
the Vision & Learning Center in Fair Lawn, New Jersey (USA).
He is a Past President of the College Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and is a Fellow of COVD.                 Dr. Press is a diplomate in the Section on Binocular Vision, Perception, & Pediatric Optometry of the American Academy of Optometry.
He is the author of Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy, a textbook used by many optometrists and therapists around
the world, in addition to several other textbooks. Author of numerous articles on a wide variety of visual topics.               Dr. Press is the Editor-in-Chief of the online journal Vision Development & Rehabilitation. He is also associate editor of Elsevier’s online Practice Update for Eye care.

New Release

Against The Odds

By Dana Latter and Dr. Leonard Press

This book was written over a long period of time, it covers my journey as a mother of two children with a condition called sensory integration disorder (or sensory processing disorder).

I wrote this book for parents and carers of children with sensory issues in order to give hope and encouragement to those who deserved the most.

Dr. Leonard Press collaborated with me as we share the same values and belief that change is possible and there is a reward for those who take action!

my hope is to see more parents and carers taking action and helping their children to progress and flourish into indepenent and successful adults


My book is available for pre-order

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