Sensory Change

Autism and sensory support for parents and families


Welcome to my website where you could find all about sensory processing disorder and the activities I used through the years to re-wire the brain and get the results I could only dream of.

My Journey began when I found out that something is not quite right with my boy’s development and since then it’s been a complex but rewarding process which I want to share with you.

How to help kids with ADHD ?

Learn about the 'Brain- Gut' connection and how can you help your child on to overcome challenges. Listen to my chat with Jennifer Kozek the author of the book "Healing without Hurting" to learn how and what can you do right now to make the change possible.

How to learn math in a fun way ?

Most children respond well to movement  ,Between the ages of three and six children develop fundamental movement skills which are the building blocks that enable them to progress and develop a full range of skills  research confirms that we learn...

5 tips to learn to tell the Time

Telling the time is an important skill in our our everyday life BUT sometimes it's tricky to learn . Start by introducing time concepts of morning , afternoon and evening . Learning which activities relate to certain parts of the day for example the meals we have...

How to  get the hand writing going ?

When my son was in year 3 in school he was unable to form letters or numbers .  His school provided him with a laptop as his spellings were good but they did not think he was able to write and the OT the school had provided said that the law only requires a child  to...

Sensory presents for Christmas on a low budget

Looking for Christmas presents for our kids can be difficult .  I try to look for presents that will be both educational and fun .  The links I put are not affiliate links  , so if you find better deals please let me know !! For gross motor activity : Balancing board...


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